When I talk about feminism in places where I’m with acquaintances or friends of friends, it’s quite scary how often the first thing guys say is ‘oh, you want equality? I guess I can hit women now’


You picture an equal world without sexism or gender barriers and the first desire you have is to hit women?

And you get mad when I’m threatened by you inherently because …?

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*snaps fingers in a dragon formation*



from the documentary “It’s A Girl”

Khadija was a great teacher; she has such a maqaam (rank) in our religion. She taught the Prophet salla’Allahu ‘alayhi wasalam who he was; she was the one who elevated him in his esteem. When he had self doubt she said no. You can see that when the Prophet salla’Allahu ‘alayhi wasalam married Aisha he had no fear of strong women. Theres a lot of men who fear strong women, who want them to be wallflowers. Whereas with the Prophet salla’Allahu ‘alayhi wasalam, that’s not the type of people he encouraged. His wives were women who talked back, and the reason he wasn’t afraid was because khadija was his first wife. She was a women of the world. She knew the world, and she was completely self confident. That’s a sunnah of our Prophet salla’Allahu ‘alayhi wasalam, to elevate women.
Shaykh Hamza Yusuf (via heartofabeliever)




Clair Huxtable shutting down men’s outdated opinions on female menstruation (◡‿◡✿)

Clair was always dropping truth bombs…

but why we still saying this stuff 30 years later?


At sehri, he slowly gets out of bed and washes his hands, slowly, meticulously, three times over.

The food is still too hot, eggs and roti fresh from the stove, so he calmly ponders over the other options, looking first to the fresh raspberries, to the water, and then to the yogurt.

He carefully surveys the raspberries, and then finally reaches and plucks the most robust one from the bunch. He slowly surveys the quality of the raspberry to ensure he’s made a wise selection, and then drops it, dead center, into the bowl of yogurt.

The raspberry selection goes on for a few more minutes as he carefully, slowly, surveys the red berries with calculation and intent. Finally, once all the accepted raspberries are placed carefully in the yogurt in a perfect circle, he takes the spoon and slowly places a tiny blob of yogurt on top of each individual raspberry.

He is ready. He begins to eat the yogurt and the raspberries, only one raspberry in his mouth at a time, carefully, slowly, coating his stomach.

He moves onto the eggs and roti. He rips off a bit of the roti and punctures the eggs directly in the centre of its yolk, allowing it to bleed yellow in a perfect trail along the plate. He slowly, carefully, uses the roti to lap it up, takes a bit of the egg white, and pops it into his mouth. His fingers are clean. His mouth is clean. He takes a drink of water.

Once the eggs and roti are done, he drinks his water in gulps of three, one, two, three, one, two, three, one, two, three, one, two, three. When he is done, he thanks me, and washes his hands, three times over, once again. The azaan goes off.

My husband makes eating a special art and I do not understand why. But at 3:30am it’s beautiful, anyway.

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The Qurān says, ‘speak good to people’ - it doesn’t say ‘speak good only to Muslims’.
Habib Ali al-Jifri (via heartheraindrops-fall)
muslima-nadjoua replied to your post “I miss toronto so much. i keep looking at my Transit Now Toronto app…”
It is doing no good to you and really not helping you to see the beauty where you are. I hated live where I am at the beginning (coming from Paris and now being in a residential area). But I decided to be happy anyway. Also is it temporary or not ?
My bad, I think that post sounded more depressing than I meant. It was supposed to be funny … should’ve thrown an ‘lol’ or ‘haha’ in there or something because I keep checking on my bus out of habit with my app. I told myself I’ll allow myself two weeks to mourn for my old home and then I’ll just make the best of it out here. So, this Thursday will be two weeks since we moved, so I’ll stop posting about my yearning for Toronto after then haha. The discussion my husband and I had about moving here for his job seemed to imply that it’s temporary, meaning we’ll only be out here for four or five years. But honestly, that totally depends on whether he is able to get a job in Toronto after he feels he’s gotten the experience he wants from this job out here. If he’s unable to secure a job back in Toronto in a few years, then we obviously can’t go back and just be unemployed, especially because in three or four years I’m hoping to start a family. So, it’s all up in the air. 
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I miss toronto so much. i keep looking at my Transit Now Toronto app to see when my old bus is arriving at my old stop. I am very pathetic.

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There’s another apartment building right next to ours and from my window where I work from home I can see these people sitting on their balcony all day, every day, talking.

It’s starting to drive me crazy lol. Why are they always there? Don’t they have to work? Maybe they work nights. Maybe they don’t need to work. What are they talking about?

I miss epic all-day conversations. When you grow up and everyone gets jobs and lives that’s just not a reality anymore. Even with my own husband, finding time to have those amazing looonnggg conversations is hard because we both work. These people have found a life-hack.


Trying to buy furniture for our apartment that won’t leave us in crippling debt is unbelievable.

I understand why like a nice dresser or wardrobe something quite large can run up to $300 or $400 for good quality stuff.

but a chair?? I can’t get a freaking chair in this town for less than $100? It’s a chair. I’m not even talking those luxury recliner seat-warming chairs. They’re regular damn chairs for the kitchen table.



this show is so fucking real



A brilliant metaphor



White people will use one black/ person of color who says 

  • Cultural appropriation isn’t a thing
  • black face isn’t racist
  • the N-word is just a word
  • etc

and expect you to just accept it.

Use one white person out of millions as an example of racism and they won’t shut up about how “Not ALL white people…blah blah blah”.